Together, we can make a difference in the future of next generation Africans. AYHEM is committed to providing African youth with the knowledge and resources to empower healthy, prosperous, and opportunity-filled communities.

AYHEM, African Youth Health Education Magnet

By educating village communities about the importance of household hygiene, drug prevention, reproductive health, and AIDS, AYHEM strives to help their youth improve their communities and the health of their children and families.


.Continuous support at various levels will lead to a positive transformation in AYHEM’s African children and villages. To accomplish our goals, AYHEM needs your financial support and donations. You can make a difference.

AYHEM Volunteer Today

Our goals are ambitious and rewarding. AYHEM relies on dedicated volunteers to donate their time, effort, skills, and funds. With your help, we can succeed in educating Africa’s underserved communities.


To reach, educate, communicate, empower, and increase the capacity of youth in underserved African villages and communities.


AYHEM’s vision is to break the vicious cycle of preventable diseases in underserved African youth, one village at a time.


Through scientific research, training, and community engagement, African Youth Health Education Magnet is committed to solving the health and societal problems facing youth in African communities.

Empower Africa Research and Social Development Organization (AYHEM) is a legally registered and reputable youth social development organization established by health, science, and humanities professionals. We specialize in the research and delivery of training programs and providing consultancy services related to health, science, social, human, behavioral sciences, and social development.

In all projects and endeavors, AYHEM exemplifies the highest professionalism as we empower those we serve through scientific research, training, and health education. As agents of positive changes in our societies, we strive to improve African lives and communities, and the image of our continent.